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New Far Cry 5 gameplay video shows different paths and the series' same old formula

Published: 21:18, 12 February 2018
Last supper recreation by a bunch of Montana gun nuts.
Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5's new gameplay video shows us three different approaches to capturing a stronghold. The same sentence could literally be used to describe the series' gameplay footage since Far Cry 2.

Ubisoft gave us another glimpse of gameplay for their upcoming Far Cry 5, this time in the form of a 5 minute video by IGN. Some people are expressing their concerns that the game might be too easy, as it appears the player is burning through enemies in video at a blinding speed, regardless of their approach. 

The apparent stronghold clean up speed can be easily attributed to the video being previously cut and the possibility of actual gameplay taking way longer to set up. All of it si more likely just scripted for the sake of smooth a presentation. However, there are more pressing concerns about the Far Cry 5 such as no destructible environment, as well as being the same game as the previous three titles in the series.

Ubisoft A massive explosion that cannot penetrate some random roof. Quality roof tiles. Far Cry 5

Far Cry 2 was set in Africa where you would gradually secure territory by taking over enemy outposts, in Far Cry 3 you would do the same on Rook Islands, then some outposts in Himalayas for Far Cry 4 - you see the pattern. This time around you are going to do it in Montana.

It is evident there is plenty of quality content in the game - satisfying gunplay, great graphics and a stunning recreation of Montana but the game is still essentially another large scale expansion. The series is not progressing enough in the originality department. Unlike the previous titles however, you get to play with companions who seem to be rather useful in these scenarios and that seemed like a good start. That is until Grace and Boomer started feeling oddly familiar.

Konami Quiet from Metal Gear Solid 5 flashing her sniping qualities. Metal Gear Solid 5 Quiet

Unlike Konami though, Ubisoft isn't using a ridiculously lazy writing excuse to undress their female characters so they could appeal to people's basic instincts in a cheap fashion. This long string of unoriginal content may look doomy and gloomy for Ubisoft, but they've been known to pull out of an abyss before.

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