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Bandai Namco add Boruto, Kaguya, Kakashi and Gaara to Jump Force

Published: 09:48, 17 January 2019
Updated: 10:18, 17 January 2019
Bandai Namco Entertainment
Six Paths Sage mode Naruto in Jump Force.
Jump Force - Naruto

The Jump Force roster keeps expanding as Bandai Namco add four more Naruto characters to the game's lineup. These will not be available for play in the open beta starting tomorrow, so avid Naruto fans will have to wait for the full game.

Bandai Namco have followed through with their promise to add more Naruto characters to Jump Force's roster. Thanks to fresh new info from this week's Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine provided by , we have official confirmation that Boruto, Gaara, Kaguya and Kakashi will be joining the fight.

Ryokutya2089 also explains that all of these characters will be available for versus mode in the game, so players don't have to do anything special to unlock them. Furthermore, we have some news about the game's story mode. Namely, Vegeta, the prince of all Saiyans and Goku's greatest rival from back in the day, will end up having his body and mind controlled by the bad guys once more. The poor guy just can't catch a break.

Although fans were hoping to see arguably the greatest villain of the Naruto franchise, Madara, Bandai Namco opted for Kaguya instead. And Boruto, Naruto's son, is definitely an interesting choice, but his addition is a sensible decision given the fact that he's part of an ongoing anime and manga - one extremely popular at that.

Having him in the game is good marketing for the Boruto series, so we see where Bandai Namco are coming from. Whether Madara or some other legendary Naruto fighter will be joining the roster later on as part of the game's DLC, remains to be seen.

The client for Jump Force can now be downloaded from both the PlayStation and Xbox store. The gameplay sessions kick off tomorrow, and while these fresh Naruto fighters won't be part of the beta lineup, there's still plenty of characters to choose from to give yourself a taste of how Jump Force is going to play.

We took part in the back in October and we were quite pleased with the experience, so we strongly recommend you give the game a go as well.

Sony Screenshot of the open beta client for Jump Force in the PlayStation UK store. Jump Force open beta client ready for download in the PlayStation store.

Remember, no online subscriptions are required, so the open beta is completely free to play with zero strings attached. The purpose of the beta is to test stress the servers before the full game drops on February 15, so there won't be private matchmaking or anything like that. Online Versus and CPU Versus will be the only two modes available for play.

While you still won't get the chance to show your friend why your favourite hero of all time is better than his, you will get the chance to play with some of the most iconic characters from Weekly Shōnen Jump, so there's really not much reason to complain. Right?

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