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Monster Hunter: World′s day one patch will unlock the game′s online features

Published: 12:46, 22 January 2018
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Monster Hunter: World

Capcom′s Monster Hunter: World is set to launch soon. The game will get a day one patch that is going to unlock the game′s online functionalities and iron out some of the launch day kinks.

Monster Hunter: World's release is fast approaching and Capcom just announced that the game will get a day one patch. You will need to clear around 815MB of your disc space, in order to accommodate the following features.

Systems that require online functionality will be unlocked. Those systems include the Monster Hunter multiplayer, event quests, and the game's chat. Content reception option will pop up in your House 's room service. 

Capcom A blue eyed animal from Monster Hunter: World Monster Hunter: World

The day one patch will also add a gallery mode to the main menu. The mode will enable you to watch and re-watch previously encountered event scenes. Based on the save data you use, your character might end up looking a bit different after the update rolls around.

The in-game trading area of the base camp will boast its mascot character Poogie, but only after you make some progress in the  's story. Your friendship levels will be raised if you pet the little guy, or as the official announcement put it: "You can deepen friendship if you can successfully stroke". Keep it PG, Capcom.

Capcom Monster Hunter: World - Poogie standing on a table, with a heart over its head Monster Hunter: World - Poogie

All regional releases of Monster Hunter: World will come with voiceover and subtitles in six different languages, including a voiceover option in Monster Hunter‘s original language. The day one patch will add more subtitle languages for specific regions:

Asia: Traditional Chinese, Korean

North America: Brazilian Portuguese

Europe: Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Arabic

Monster Hunter: World will launch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One worldwide on Friday, 26 January. The PC version will be out later in this Fall.

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