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Monster Hunter: World introduces Alatreon

Published: 10:24, 09 July 2020
Monster Hunter: World - Alatreon
Monster Hunter: World - Alatreon

Capcom unveiled the latest title update and future changes but most importantly, the revealed the new dragon, Alatreon that can shift its powers.

Monster Hunter World's latest update brings along a new creature to fight - Alatreon. MH veterans will remember it from the days of Monster Hunter Tri when Alatreon was the final boss and in true final boss fashion, it was uniquely powerful.

Namely, the dragon can shift between elements, actively changing its powers and that trait will carry over to Monster Hunter World. It's not only the attacks that change though - appearance and weak points will be altered as well, meaning the players will need to be as flexible as possible when facing it. The three elements are Fire, Ice and Dragon.

While certainly the most attractive, Altareon is not the only monster coming in. Tempered Frostfang Barioth will make its way to MH:W on August 7, 2020. This new variant of Barioth will be able to create a freezing gust of wind that will freeze the ground so positioning will be crucial in this encounter. Another thing Capcom warns the hunters about are the creature's retaliatory breath of ice attacks while it's recovering.

Monster Hunter World is not coming to Nintendo Switch

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The developers of MHW stated during the shareholder's meeting that the game won't be porting over to Switch. Capcom stated how the game can't be done on Switch and that the current focus is on the release of Monster Hunter World for PC.

However, before Tempered Frostfang Barioth comes along, hunters will get to enjoy Sizzling Spice Fest on Seliana's Lunar Terrace. The even will kick off on July 22 and wrap up on August 6, bringing new meals at the canteen, associated decorations, a new Poogie costume, seasonal Palico gear, paid seasonal Handler costume and new snowman design.

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