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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne shows Glavenus in new video

Published: 10:06, 29 July 2019
mosnter hunter world screenshot showing glavenus
Monster Hunter World - Glavenus

In the latest Monster Hunter World: Iceborne gameplay video, which was revealed at Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong, Capcom have showcased Glavenus monster and its moves. Also, we got a sneak peek at the new Seliana hub and its hot springs.

Earlier this week, Capcom gave us a first look at in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion, which is scheduled to launch later this year. As you may know, the expansion will be a massive one, with a ton of new content including a brand new world, monsters, hub area, weapons and armour. 

In the latest gameplay video, which was revealed at Animation Comic & Games Hong Kong 2019, Capcom have showcased some of the monsters and locations that are coming in Iceborne expansion.

The highlight of the gameplay video is certainly the first look at Glavenus hunt. As expected, it's a pretty tough beast with a lot of odd moves that can be devastating. 

Furthermore, the gameplay also revealed new footage of Tigrex, and gave us a sneak peek at some of the new armour sets, which look really nice.

Those who are excited about the new snow-themed region will be happy to hear that Capcom also showed the new Gathering hub named Seliana, and its lovely hot springs, located in Hoarfrost Reach.

Your hunter will get to relax in interactive saunas, foot baths and there's also a fully-customisable hunter's room. You can switch the theme of the room, wallpapers, add new furniture which is earned by completing quests and deliveries. 

Furniture will have a various selection of colours and patterns to choose from so you can mix and match everything to your liking. Once you're done with your room, you can visit your friend's, which is a new feature, coming after Iceborne releases.

Capcom Monster Hunter: World Iceborne showing a beast attacking a warrior Monster Hunter: World Iceborne

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is hitting the shelves worldwide for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 06 September 2019. The PC version will arrive later, during the winter months.

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