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Call of Duty Modern Warfare to introduce big reloading changes

Published: 09:46, 04 July 2019
Picture of some soldiers in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

After 16 years, Call of Duty is set to introduce a big change to weapon reloading it's been confirmed by Infinity Ward. Players will now be able to reload their weapons while aiming down the sights, a feature that wasn't available earlier.

Not much has been said about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ever since Activision and Infinity Ward revealed their upcoming soft reboot of the iconic shooter back in May 2019. However, the devs decided to share some details about advancements they've made in animations in their latest blog post.

This may not sound as juicy as some earlier rumours about potential but there's one interesting thing that will be a huge difference for all Call of Duty veterans. Infinity Ward confirmed that for the first time in the Call of Duty franchise, players will be able to reload their weapons while aiming down the sights (ADS). 

If you've played earlier Call of Duty games, you'll know that once you hit the reload button, it would automatically cancel the ADS state, leaving you vulnerable to sudden enemy attacks. With Modern Warfare, you'll gun will stay on target, meaning you can be ready if an enemy pops up around the corner.

"One other thing we added this year is the ADS [Aiming Down Sight] reload. In the past, if you’re ADS, and you’re shooting and you reload, the weapon would go off to the side, and you’d have to retrain to get to your target. This time if you reload, it stays on the target, so you can stay in the battle," Animation Director, Mark Grigsby wrote in the blog post.

Grigsby also said that he thinks reloading is the pinnacle of the weapon and its feel. Apparently, in Modern Warfare, the reloading animations are completely seamless, with reloads dependent on weight and type of the weapon and without any stilted or odd transitions between animations.

Activision Call of Duty: Modern Warfare screenshot showing captain price smoking a cigar Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

All in all, it looks like Modern Warfare aims to become the most realistic Call of Duty to date. We already know that Infinity Ward is making a pretty brutal experience with some disturbing scenes, and with the new animations, they could take it to another level. Fingers crossed they pull it off.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a reboot of the original series

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

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