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Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park surprised by gamers' negative sentiment about NFTs

Published: 13:45, 10 January 2022
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Mike Shinoda is surprised that gamers are against NFTs in games
Mike Shinoda is surprised that gamers are against NFTs in games

Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda believes that players can see a huge benefit from blockchain in gaming. 

Mike Shinoda said he is surprised by the negative sentiment from gamers when it comes to non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Linkin Park rapper, songwriter and producer wanted to hear legit opinions and arguments from gamers who oppose this controversial technology, which is taking the world and games industry by storm. 

Shinoda claims that gaming is one of the industries that can certainly benefit a lot from blockchain, indicating that there are eco-friendly NFTs. He added an example of an NFT skin that players can use across several popular games.

"Imagine taking your favourite skin from Valorant, and using it Fortnite. And not paying extra, because you own it. Then using it in CoD, Minecraft, even Twitter, IG," Shinoda tweeted.

As expected, the gaming community tried their best to explain why NFTs, as they are right now, are not a good fit for games. Some pointed out that his example of multi-game skins is far from ideal because it would require a ton of work from the whole industry and developers.

Shinoda posted again today, wrapping up the discussion with the players while sharing his thoughts on why gamers oppose NFTs. He came to the conclusion that gamers simply don't trust game publishers enough and see NFTs as just another way that publishers can use to squeeze more money from their pockets. 

Some publishers that already announced their plans for NFTs include Ubisoft and Square Enix. Ubisoft already delivered their first NFTs via Ghost Recon Breakpoint, offering players unique helmets and skins,  which in the end, did not sell as well as the publisher hoped they would.

There are also those who are strongly against blockchain tech in gaming such as Xbox head Phil Spencer, who said that Xbox will always be against exploitative NFTs.

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