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Middle-Earth: Shadow of War does away with microtransactions

Published: 13:50, 18 July 2018
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Cover art for Monolith's game Middle-Earth: Shadow of War
Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War's latest update has brought about a plethora of changes to Monolith's game, including the removal of microtransactions, which means that the game is finally doing away with all the pay-to-win mechanisms.

Monolith have basically removed the Middle-Earth: Shadow of War's market in its entirety, replacing it with an updated garrison menu, which you'll be using to access garrison orcs, chests, training orders and boosts. Instead of orcs, Spoils of War and Community Challenge chests will now focus on training orders. Any remaining unspent gold will be converted into gold loot chests.

What this means is that the remaining in-game currency called Mirian will be used to train, upgrade and customise your garrisoned orcs, who are recruited through Online Vendettas and Ranked Conquests. That's in sharp contrast to the game's earlier pay-to-win model, which pretty much meant that you're as good in the game as your wallet will let you be.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War's endgame has been tweaked as well and it's now called Epilogue instead of Shadow Wars. The dev decreased the requirements for 100 per cent completion thereof and players who've already completed it will be getting the following pieces of gear:

  • Servant’s Blackened Armour: Allied grunt Orcs have a chance to resurrect when they die. This includes allied Undead grunts.
  • Mask of the General: Consume and Drain kills create a Curse explosion.
  • Mask of the Undying: Waters of Lórien and Spectral Dash cost no Focus. Melee and Stealth damage increase for five seconds after use.
  • Mask of the Fell Rider: Graug Call summons an Elemental Graug.
  • Mask of the High King: Raise Dead summons Gondorian Wights.
  • Mask of an Empress: Wraith Execution, Wraith Chain, and Chain of Shadows each deal more damage with each successive Wraith.

Monolith A view of a Middle-earth dwelling from the game Shadow of War Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War players can now reach level 80, with additional skill points awaiting those who keep earning XP, while enemy orcs can now reach level 85. New prestige skills are accessible after Act 111 as well, where each skill can be bought more times than one.

You can find the full Middle-Earth: Shadow of War patch notes .

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