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Middle-earth: Shadows of War footage leaked

Published: 13:29, 06 March 2017
Updated: 14:17, 06 March 2017
Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Redditor screencaps leaked trailer footage

Telxvi is seriously starting to doubt that these leaks are unintentional. Shadow of War got just prior to its a short while ago and now another leak has appeared containing screenshots of Talion riding a drake and battling it out with some trolls.

reddit MIddle-earth: Shadow of War MIddle-earth: Shadow of War

If these leaks aren't deliberate then Warner and Monolith have a serious security problem. A gameplay presentation is scheduled for Wednesday 8 March. But if the leaks continue at this pace, we will have seen the entire game by then.

The original reddit post has been taken down in the meantime, but since there is no undo button for the entire internet, the screenshots are here to stay.

Other than that, Shadow of War has its trailer hanging on Steam - without any actual footage from the game. Players can sink cash into pre-orders. Valve shouldn't be ok with this, as another redditor pointed out.

An actual reveal is on its way, so a lot of people might dismiss this, but AltChar won't. We will let you know as soon as we have a reply from valve.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War screenshot leaks

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Miiddle-earth: Shadow of War
Shadow of War leakage

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