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Middle Earth: Shadow of War DLC is going full Just Cause mode

Published: 09:26, 09 May 2018
Monolith Productions
Some people armed with swords are standing on a promotional picture for Shadow of War DLC
Middle Earth: Shadow of War - Desolation of Mordor DLC

Middle Earth: Shadow of War's DLC Desolation of Mordor has a new trailer showcasing some of the new features, characters and gameplay. Monolith Productions may have gone overboard with this one, thanks to canon breaking parachutes.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War has had its share of loot box and progression controversy already, but now it seems these will not be the last of the game's issues. Desolation of Mordor's story DLC has launched on 08 May 2018, with the customary launch trailer. Warner Bros. Interactive have managed to pack enough questionable content in a one minute 25-second long video to possibly sink the DLC's sales.

Most of these issues revolve around completely wrecking J.R.R. Tolkien's groundwork on the Lord of the Rings universe. First up, there is the issue of Baranor, whose appearance caused controversy in mid-2017 and the same discussion is being brought up again since he is the protagonist of Desolation of Mordor.

Lord of the Rings universe is somewhat notorious for lack of any non-Caucasian race, barring the elves and dwarves who are basically derivations of the real life Caucasians. It proved to be a massively successful series of both books and movies, and no characters of any colour were introduced for almost 70 years.

Suddenly, Baranor makes an appearance in 2017 and becomes a protagonist in 2018, right when the "political correctness" trend reached unseen heights. The sudden inclusion and unexplained emphasis on Baranor is by no means "politically correct" - it is a derogatory marketing tool and a patronizing addition at best. Or that is at least how many so called lore purists feel about Monolith's approach.

The launch trailer above also shows Baranor using some sort of a parachute. While people of different races could be explained as having been parts of the world that the books and movies didn't focus on at that exact time, parachutes can not. Baranor was a captain of Minas Ithil which is Gondor's stronghold. Therefore, Gondor had access to the same technology Minas Ithil did. So why didn't Frodo simply ride Gandalf's 'roided up bird and then parachute into the volcano to toss the ring into the lava?

AltChar Boromir is explaining that Frodo can't simply parachute into Mordor Boromir may be onto something

Oh right, silly me. Anyway, I wish parachuting was the only device that was derailing from the original Lord of the Rings fantasy but Baranor apparently has a grappling hook as well. At this point he seems to be a fusion of Rico Rodriguez and Black Panther.

Well, any hardcore Lord of the Rings fans might want to steer clear of this DLC but those looking for new game mechanics can look forward to parachutes, grappling hooks and Baranor's magic shield device usage.

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