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Microsoft want to surprise Sony with Xbox Project Scarlett's power

Published: 10:20, 02 December 2019
artwork showing Xbox Project Scarlett
Xbox Project Scarlett

Microsoft are keeping their cards close to their chest and won't ship out Xbox Project Scarlett dev kits anytime soon. Apparently, the dev kits are nowhere near final and hardy anyone has one.

Apparently, Microsoft are yet to ship Xbox Project Scarlett dev kits to game developers. Hardly anyone has Microsoft's next-generation console at the moment which is why we're getting a lot of talk about Xbox Project Scarlett not being powerful enough.

Microsoft's plan is to keep things under the wraps as long as possible as they want to surprise Sony with the power of their new console. This latest info comes from Tom Warren, a senior editor at The Verge.

If true, it's quite surprising that Microsoft are yet to ship out the dev kits to developers since the next-generation consoles should arrive during Holidays 2020. That's one year until we get our hands on new consoles, and it really doesn't make sense that the developers are yet to get the new hardware.

However, it's possible that game developers are using Scorpio dev kits for early development before they jump to new Scarlett dev kits once Microsoft finally decide it's time to send them out.

Whether Microsoft are indeed keeping their new tech under the wraps, or the devs already have the console, no one can know for sure, but the lack of information about the new console could suggest that Microsoft indeed want to surprise Japanese tech giant, one way or another.

LetsGoDigital artwork showing a render of rumored PlayStation 5 PlayStation 5 dev kit

Anyway, until we get more official information about Xbox Project Scarlett and PlayStation 5, we can only speculate about the big, next-gen race and who comes on top once the consoles finally arrive next year. For many players, this race can only be a good thing since it means more powerful consoles, a lot of new features and of course, lower prices.

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