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Microsoft Store will add mod support for some PC games

Published: 12:50, 22 July 2019
Undead Labs
Screenshot from State of Decay 2 showing a Juggernaut zombie running at the player's character.
State of Decay 2 - I'm the Juggernaut b%$#"! Definitely not an encounter I look forward to.

Microsoft Store is probably the second most despised after Epic Games Store due to overall bad user experience but it's about to evolve. An eagle-eyed Redditor managed to dig up a folder that will be used for storing mods for various games.

Microsoft Store is not a popular one among the PC gaming crowd, since it's missing features many are used to but more importantly, it doesn't work more ferquently than what would be acceptable. We could go on listing reasons and examples of customers' bad experiences but it's enough to take a look at the screenshot below, if you're not keen on Googling it yourself.

Anyway, it seems like Microsoft folks are looking to take another huge step forward when it comes to gaining goodwill with PC gamers. Modding is a popular feature that kept many games such as Bethesda's Fallout or The Elder Scrolls entries alive for years after they were released.

Microsoft recently added a folder they didn't disclose and normally this would be a cause for worry but it turned out to be good news. A Redditor named Pycorax a folder named ModdableWindowsApps in program files.

Wondering what the folder could be about, Pycorax went digging further, finding out that it's the place modifications to installed apps will be copied. In other words, this is where the mods live.

Still, Microsoft Store is just a platform that will allow modding, just like Steam, and it does not mean that every game on the store will be moddable. It is up to developers and publishers to make the final call on that. On the other hand, it's still good to see such an improvement taking place on the store.

Google Screenshot of a Google search stating what people think about Microsoft Store Microsoft Store search results

It certainly has a long way to go but Microsoft Store is getting more attention by the day, especially following all the right moves Microsoft have been pulling by making Xbox Pass for PC and standing firm in opposition of game exclusivity on PC, which is a 180 degree turn in .


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