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Metro Exodus devs 4A Games are working on new AAA project

Published: 11:09, 22 May 2019
4A Games
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Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus developers 4A Games have signed a new contract with publishers THQ Nordic to create a brand new AAA game. This was confirmed by THQ in their latest financial year report but the details are pretty scarce at the moment.

It looks like THQ Nordic are more than happy with the success of the Metro trilogy finale - Metro Exodus - that they decided to give the developers 4A Games another important project, which was confirmed in the company's latest financial report.

According to THQ Nordic, Metro Exodus devs will work on a new, yet unannounced AAA title. "We signed multiple new projects, among them a new development agreement with 4A Games, the developers of the Metro franchise, for their upcoming, and still undisclosed, AAA-project," it's written in the official report.

At the moment, it's unknown what this new project might be or when exactly can we expect more details or full announcement. Metro Exodus was released only recently so it's probably unlikely that we'll hear new details about the upcoming game on this year's E3 expo. Of course, it's always possible that we get a small tease, we'll just have to wait and see.

Another thing to consider is the announced DLCs for Metro Exodus. The full production of the new game should probably start once the devs wrap up all the expansions for Metro, which should happen sometime in late 2019 / early 2020.

THQ Nordic also confirmed that alongside their sister companies Deep Silver and Coffee Stain Studios, a total of 80 games are currently in development, 48 of them are yet to be announced by the publisher. 

Additionally, the company also shared impressive revenue numbers, which were boosted by Metro Exodus sales. 4A Games' creation already recouped all production and marketing costs and spiked THQ Nordic's revenue up to 158 per cent over the same quarter last year. Also, the launch performance of Cofee Stain Studios' open world builder Satisfactory's "exceeded management's expectations".

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For a closer look at THQ Nordic's financial year report, you can check the 19 page PDF file .

Metro Exodus, screenshots fresh from 4A Games' oven

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