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Metal: Hellsinger gameplay and boss fight showcased

Published: 12:50, 15 June 2020
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Metal: Hellsinger
Metal: Hellsinger

David Goldfarb and Troy Baker gave us another dive into Metal: Hellsinger gameplay during the Guerrilla Collective live stream over the weekend, showing how a boss fight works in a rhythm shooter.

Creative director of Metal: Hellsinger, David Goldfarb, worked in tandem with the voice of Paz, Troy Baker, to present the gameplay of a stage that lead up to a boss encounter. The Unknown, who is the protagonist, brutally kills hordes of demons on her way to face off with The Red Judge who is her arch-nemesis.

That single paragraph has several things to unpack. For example, Paz is actually a skull that The Unknown uses between fights in order to keep the rhythm combo up. On top of that, Paz can be used as a weapon and "has the capability to harness the power of song". In our understanding, you have to literally headbang Paz to kill things more efficiently and score higher.

As for The Red Judge, she as the boss in this stage and Goldfarb mentions that she will have a recurring role so we are likely to fight her several times over the course of the game. When you have a recurring character, it better not be boring or poorly executed as such a mistake can derail an entire game from the road to success.

Judging from the trailer below, it appears that the duels between The Unknown and The Red Judge will have those epic tones from start to finish and the developers paid attention to bringing some of the best voice talent in the industry. Besides Baker starring as Paz, The Red Judge will be voiced by Jennifer Hale.

With the voices of Batman/Joker and Commander Shepard combined with the layered sounds of metal , it seems like this game is bound to be a classic.

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