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Massive Assassin's Creed Ragnarok leak reveals combat, story and co-op details

Published: 09:01, 09 January 2020
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Artwork from Assassin's Creed artist

According to the latest leak, Assassin's Creed Ragnarok will feature a four-player co-op mode with additional stealth mechanics and heavy RPG elements. The game will also pack a vast open-world that includes Scandinavian countries, France and cities like Kiev and London.

Another day, another Assassin's Creed Ragnarok leak. This time, it's the biggest one yet with a ton of detailed info about the game's setting, story, characters, open world and gameplay. Since the details are pretty rich, we suggest you take this with a grain of salt, just like you should do with any other rumour, leak or unconfirmed info.

That being said, the latest leak closely follows the earlier reports and leaks which revealed a Viking-themed setting and a couple of other details. Here are some of the most interesting bits from the new leak (brand new info is bolded):


  • Up to 4 player drop in drop out co-op like Ghost Recon Wildlands.
  • Player can only play as a single character, Jora, who can be chosen to be male or female.
  • Jora led a small band of 4 during their adventures which is why other players can drop in and out for co-op 
  • Continues heavy RPG mechanics now including different classes and mild skill tree changes based on class
  • Combat is upgraded with more weapon types and special abilities for every weapon grouping. 
  • Each weapon can have runes added, be upgraded, and durability increased
  • Weapon durability does now come into play, forcing players to use their weapon pool more effectively and forced to manage a smaller inventory that can be upgraded. 
  • Replacing adrenaline is a berserker mode which also activates special runes like fire, frost, or lightning damage. 
  • Sailing returns is less combat-intensive and more focused on exploration and travel including being able to navigate tight rivers and wetlands.
  • Parkour is upgraded with tree climbing and new animations. 
  • The hidden blade is back and is far more customizable in terms of cosmetics. Can be upgraded to kill in one stab.
  • Stealth is upgraded by having physical stealth skills such as hiding in mud, snow, crouching in bushes, hiding in bales of hay, etc.
  • New Reputation system based on quests completed for people in cities, the town officials etc. 
  • Some quests and story missions can only be completed after reaching a certain reputation with kingdoms. 
  • Conquest battles return to help capture some settlements from templars and players can approach them in a variety of ways.
  • Players can also find battles between warring kingdoms occurring dynamically throughout the world.
  • Multiple settlements throughout the world can be captured and controlled for trade and currency gains.
  • Players can organize large scale raids of forts and cities with nearby Viking camps.


  • The assassins are believed to have a connection to Odin and dub their raven as Odin sight.
  • The game begins in 845 CE at the siege of Paris with you playing as Jora’s father, Rorik who’s an ally of the Viking leader Ragnar. 
  • Jora becomes a thane to Ragnar allowing the settlement system and we then follow him to Northumbria where the templar Aella kills Ragnar.
  • Jora returns to Ragnar's sons where the army is formed to combat the templars that control most of Europe
  • Follows most of the invasion and war, becoming allies with Alfred, conquer Kyiv, help roll in Normandy, and overthrow Fat Charles in France.
  • Then a templar named Bjorn has an Eden piece that’s like a knife that gives him control over Vikings and tries to invade England again.


  • The map is massive. Like all of northern Europe. 
  • Includes big cities such as York, London, Paris, and Kyiv. Every kingdom was meant to be really unique. 
  • There are a ton of temples that are protected by mythical beasts like a giant snake, a dragon, Kraken, and a giant.
  • No level locked regions and content.


  • Officially announced in February 2020 at the upcoming PlayStation event. 
  • Release date 29 September 2020.

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