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Mass Effect Legendary Edition looks gorgeous in this comparison video

Published: 11:03, 05 February 2021
ME Legendary Edition comparison video
ME Legendary Edition graphics comparison video

A Youtuber has put together an early graphics comparison video for all of us to see how splendid the remaster of Mass Effect trilogy looks, especially the first game, which was released over 13 years ago.

Thanks to the Youtube user 'rampage TV' who put together over eight minutes long graphics comparison video, we can see how impressive the Mass Effect remasters are looking compared to the original games.

The video is superbly edited and it shows parts of the Legendary Edition reveal trailer compared to the same parts captured in the original trilogy.

As you can see, the biggest upgrade comes in the textures and resolution department, where everything is popping out in the new re-release of the trilogy, compared to the blurry resolution in the old games.

BioWare are sticking to the original Unreal Engine 3 for the remastered trilogy, even though there were some speculations that they could remaster them in UE4. Mac Walters, the games' director said that next Mass Effect game will be built using the UE4.

AltChar FemShep from Mass Effect Legendary Edition side by side with FemShep from the original ME3. FemShep from ME3 will for the first time in the series be playable from ME1.

The most radical upgrades are coming to Mass Effect 1, with much more significant both visual and gameplay improvements, which makes sense as the first Mass Effect game has been released over thirteen years ago.

It didn't aged well, that's for sure. Replaying it again will be so satisfying, for any true Mass Effect fan.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is coming to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 7, 2021. Meanwhile, a BioWare exec didn't rule out a Switch port down the line either. 

For all those who plan to (re)play the ME: Legendary Edition on PC, check out the system requirements here .

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