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Mass Effect boss fights will get more cover in Legendary Edition

Published: 06:57, 16 February 2021
Mass Effect - Matriarch Benezia
Mass Effect - Matriarch Benezia

BioWare devs went over some of the changes to the upcoming Mass Effect Legendary Edition that will happen to the first game, including altered boss fights.

Boss fights in the original Mass Effect had challenges that were more than just the mechanics of the altercation. Sometimes it was the surprisingly high loss of health without enough feedback, other times it was being tossed all over the room by Matriarch Benezia. The fact that she had Asari Commandos storming in every so often didn't help some of the players find success.

This is one of the fights that will be changed when Legendary Edition kicks in and the players get to experience the reworked first instalment in the iconic space saga. 

According to Mac Walters and Kevin Meek, who talked with Game Informer , there will be several changes in boss fights for Mass Effect and they took the one with Matriarch Benezia as an example. One of the hallmark abilities of space wizards, commonly known as biotics, is telekinesis so they tend to throw stuff around, be it Shepard or random crates around the map.

Those crates didn't prove to be useful cover in such situations so BioWare will simply make more of them. Technically, the number is still the same but they will be wider and will provide more cover spots around the map littered with narrow passages.

Furthermore, they will be adding more autosave points so players will not have to trek for long after getting wiped in order to attempt the boss fight again. Now, if we could get that Garrus build from Mass Effect 3, it would hardly be an issue at all.

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