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Paladins' newest update finally changes Maeve's Street Justice

Published: 12:52, 24 August 2018
Hi-Rez Studios
Picture of Maeve being annoying as always in Paladins
Paladins - Maeve

Paladins' update 1.4 has landed, bringing along a new event mode and mid season balance, the latter of which included a change to Maeve's talent Street Justice that was a thorn in community's side for months. It's not exactly a nerf though.

Street Justice's annoying execution mechanics proved to be overpowered on many occasions as it did too much damage based on enemy's missing health. Hi-Rez, or now Evil Mojo, finally changed the ability's functionality so it now straight up executes targets below 35 per cent health but has no effect otherwise.

Technically it could still prove to be overpowered when it comes to ruining tanks' lives but it will require further testing to figure this one out. At least squishies can rest a little easier, as Pounce will only be dangerous when they are at 600 to 700 health. 

Not all balance changes have been nerfs however, and Androxus mains will be thankful for it. This flanker has been struggling to actually use his alternate fire effectively, as the punch's range was too short. It now has an extended range and can hit multiple players, so using all three dashes to reach a target should feel a bit more rewarding now. His Dark Stalker talent's threshold has also been changed from 40 per cent to 50 per cent so finishing off low health targets should be a bit easier.

Fan favourite, Grohk, received some love from the developers as his lightning staff will now deal up to 30 per cent more damage if the beam stays on target. His healing totem will now be deployable at 100 feet range and his ultimate grants Grohk flight, among other things. 

Hi-Rez Studios Picture of Sha Lin aiming his bow at something off the screen Paladins - Outlaw Sha Lin

There are more buffs in the update, with tanks such as Khan and Grover benefitting the most as well as a new event mode, called Dragon's Call. It comes with new bundles and other cosmetics involved, all of which you can preview on the official Steam page .

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