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LPL rumours: JackeyLove's signing bonus sets an esports record

Published: 16:12, 28 November 2019
League of Legends - JackeyLove
League of Legends - JackeyLove

League of Legends transfer, signing and player contracts are usually kept secret but according to rumours, former Invictus Gaming marksman, JackeyLove, has signed with Suning following a record-breaking signing bonus of roughly $5.69 million.

League of Legends' esports scene keeps growing and so do the investments in the industry. While LCK is currently in turmoil over the problems exposed by cvMax, LPL is flourishing, on the wings of two back to back World Championship wins.

The former marksman of Invictus Gaming, JackeyLove, who won Worlds 2018, is ready for the next chapter in his professional career it seems. The player went into free agency, following the expiration of his contract with iG but the decision to do so was most likely his, rather than the team's, given the player's quality and the potential transfer fee they could have picked up.

As it stands, JackeyLove appears to have signed a new contract with Suning who are hell-bent on placing high in the region during Season 10, if not the international tournaments as well. According to the rumours on , the signing fee alone was worth 40 million yuan, which translates to $5.69 million.

The other details of the contract are unknown and there are no rumours to go by, except the claims that this is the biggest signing in esports history. Considering there are several promising talents that left Griffin recently, such as Doran, Chovy and Lehends, there might still be more time for sky-high signing fees.

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This is especially true with Chovy, who had an impressive outing at World Championship 2019. His team was knocked out of the tournament only after he was placed into the tank role, rather than AP carry, four times in a row.

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