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Lost Ark - Why the Shadowhunter Looks Different in the West

Published: 06:03, 26 March 2022
Amazon Game Studios
Shadowhunter- Western Look
Shadowhunter- Western Look

The core aspect of the Shadowhunter class in Lost Ark is its ability to transform into demons. Seeing as we spend a lot of time in that form, we would like it to look as good as promised.

Shadowhunter is a melee DPS class in Lost Ark, one that depends on filling out its gauge to be able to transform into demons, which are at the core of its design. 

On the western servers, players have noticed that the transformations look different compared to their Korean and Russian counterparts, with their color palette and textures being far different. In response to the query, Amazon have explained the reason as such:

"Due to the range of skin tones available for player characters in our version of the game, the Shadowhunter's demon form does turn the player character into a shadow-like dark blue in our version of the game, which differs from other versions. It is important that the other players be able to tell when your character is transformed into its demon form, for example, in PvP or in Raid situations. We understand this touches on lore, so the NPC Delains present in the game's story have not been changed."

Amazon Game Studios Shadowhunter - Korean Server Shadowhunter - Korean Server

The explanation seems simple enough. To make it easier to differentiate when a Shadowhunter is using its demon transformation, the appearance has been changed. The issue is, does the appearance really need to look that bad?

We expected Dante, from the Devil May Cry franchise, not a starved-looking werewolf-like creature.

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