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LoL Worlds quarterfinals get over 1 million concurrent viewers on Twitch, twice

Published: 23:41, 27 October 2019
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League of Legends - Twitch concurrent viewers
League of Legends - Twitch concurrent viewers

League of Legends World Championship 2019 quarterfinals are behind us now, with several remarkable notes. One of them is that both days of quarterfinals saw over 1 million concurrent viewers on Twitch.

League of Legends viewership is going up as the time is passing apparently, with Play-In stage having some records. The trend continued with quarterfinals as both days saw more than one million concurrent viewers on Twitch alone.

The first day, on 26 October 2019, the one million concurrent Twitch viewers milestone came through during the matches between FunPlus Phoenix and Fnatic. Considering the matchup unfolded during the prime time for the European audience, it's safe to say many were left disappointed that it was not the team from their region that advanced to semifinals.

While FPX vs FNC was certainly an interesting matchup, one would think the second day would peak during the unpredictable best of five between G2 Esports and Damwon Gaming. However, it was Splyce versus SKT T1 that took the crown, beating the previous one million record by scoring 1.1 million, pictured above.

Technically, the Twitch viewership was rounded up and didn't actually reach 1,100,000 concurrent viewers. According to , 1,063,499 concurrent viewers were watching SKT T1 vs Splyce as the underdog mounted an impressive defence against the Korean behemoth, even giving them the first loss of the tournament.

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That's roughly 20,000 concurrent viewers less than the grand finals of , which is the current record holder. There is still a bit to go to break , however, as Fortnite's World Cup saw a peak of 1,219,974 viewers but considering the rate at which the Worlds 2019 viewership is ramping up, it won't be long before that record is broken as well.

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