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LoL Worlds 2019 semifinals sees Summoner's Cup winners out

Published: 12:10, 04 November 2019
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Yasuo mains won't be happy with this one

League of Legends World Championship 2019 semifinals are behind us. The event saw the biggest viewership in history of esports, lived up to the hype and waved goodbye to the two teams that previously won the Summoner's Cup.

World Championship 2019 had the best knockout stage in the history of League of Legends, hands down. The strongest teams in the world made it out of groups and seven out of eight participating teams were seen as potential winners of the tournament. Even the team that was perceived as weaker than others, Splyce, took one game off from SKT T1, keeping the 3-1 script alive.

The four teams that made it to semifinals were SKT T1 and G2 on one side of the bracket, with Invictus Gaming and FunPlus Phoenix on the other. It was the Chinese teams that would take the stage first. 

Unlike Fnatic, iG were aware of the monstrosity that Ryze would be in Doinb's hands so the blue wizard spent the entire series on the banned bench but that was not enough. Doinb whipped out his Rumble in the first game and demolished iG to give FPX the 1-0 lead. Rumble was banned by iG in the next two games, the first of which went to the now-former world champions. Doinb persisted with his unorthodox AP Nautilus pick for the rest of the series that ultimately went to FPX.

The other side of the semifinals bracket saw a grudge match between MSI 2019 winners G2 Esports and the runners up, SKT T1. This was probably the weirdest matchup in the history of World Championship knockout stages. 

SKT T1 started on a strong foot, building up a significant lead in the first game but that didn't stop G2 from successfully trading Baron for lane pressure, which resulted in G2 leading the series after the opening match. SKT banned Xayah in the following match, leaving PerkZ stuck on Ezreal. All three of SKT's carries popped off here, equalising the series. 

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Games three and four mostly consisted of SKT starting off strong but G2's lane pressure proving to be too much to handle. Perkz got Xayah in game three, went Legendary and then picked Yasuo in game four after SKT banned her again. Perkz was this time 1/5 at one point in this game but that didn't stop him from outplaying Faker by Windwalling Qiyana's root in a tiny fraction of a second. In the end, he got a quadra kill and G2 took the series home. 

This was the first time that a winner of knockout stage series managed to secure Baron only once throughout the encounter.

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