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LoL Worlds 2019: CG ekes out a spot out of groups, Splyce coasts past

Published: 11:14, 05 October 2019
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Splash art of the first available skin for Ka'isa in League of Legends seems to be a high tech suit in blue and gray shades.
League of Legends Ka'isa

League of Legends World Championship 2019 Play-In phase is in full swing, as the first two groups concluded their matchups with Clutch Gaming managing to take the top spot in Group A and Splyce in Group B.

Group A in League of Legends World Championship 2019 Play-In proved to be the more closely matched one than Group B as the teams not only had to play a tiebreaker match - they had to do two since this was a three-way tie. Unicorns of Love beat Clutch Gaming twice, Mammoth beat them twice and CG beat Mammoth twice.

This resulted in a mini playoff tiebreaker match where UOL first squared off against Mammoth, finally managing to beat them in their third match of the tournament, sending Oceania's team home. Unfortunately for them, the same happened in the "finals" as CG finally managed to beat UOL and won the first place in the group, which should theoretically let them go up against an easier opponent in the knockout stage.

Splyce won the first place in Group B comfortably, going 3-1 across four matches. They beat the Latin American team Isurus Gaming twice which put them in a comfortable position immediately, especially because Detonation FocusMe were unable to take the team down. Splyce dropped only one match, against DFM, which means the Japanese champions didn't get knocked out of the tournament without a victory.

There is only one day left of Play-In groups for Worlds 2019, which will complete the roster for the knockout stage. At the time of writing, Group C was in a clinch reminiscent of Group A with all teams having 1-1 Win/Loss ratio. 

OverActive Media League of Legends - Splyce logo Splyce didn't have too much trouble passing the group stage of Play-Ins

Group D saw Damwon Gaming cruising past Flamengo and Royal Youth, which probably means the latter two will have to duke it out in their matchup on 5 October 2019 and possibly a tiebreaker later on.

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