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LoL Esports: KCorp to organise an offline event after all

Published: 14:15, 09 June 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Olaf
League of Legends - Olaf

Karmine Corp wanted to organise an offline League of Legends event, hit a snag with LEC owners but now it appears to be back on the menu.

League of Legends European Championship (LEC) franchising meant that certain organisations will just hold their spots as long as the money is flowing but the deal also meant they can't organise offline events on their own. 

So when Karmine Corp wanted to host their yearly KCX showmatch once again, they hit a snag as some LEC owners were apparently vetoing it. This potentially meant the organisation would not be able to set up a KCX 2 in 2022, even though the team is in LFL, not LEC.

Thankfully, they managed to find a workaround, although the effects of the conflict will be visible to all attendants. Namely, this event will be strictly branded as a KCorp one and LFL affiliation will have to be limited. As such, only KCorp players will be present on stage while their opponents, Misfits Premier, will participate online.

On the flip side, the event will also feature a Valorant showmatch between KCorp and Vitality, with a halftime show that will see a musical performance with numerous artists in celebration of the World Music Day.

One interesting detail here is that KCX 2 venue will be Accor Arena , the same place where the 2019 League of Legends World Championship finals were held.

Riot Games LEague of Legends - Illaoi League of Legends - Illaoi


Accor Arena has 12,000 available seats and it speaks volumes of the team's popularity that they are confident enough to fill up an arena that big with a showmatch, rather than the game's biggest tournament of the year.

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