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LoL Esports: CLG tears through LCS in the new season

Published: 03:02, 27 June 2022
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League of Legends - Gwen
League of Legends - Gwen

Countering any logic predictions could follow, CLG is sitting at the top of LCS right now, surprising even the Spring split champions along the way.

CLG used to be one of the strongest teams in North America when it comes to League of Legends esports but the organisation has fallen on hard times in recent years, partially due to the advent of giants like Cloud 9 and Team Liquid. Most recently, Evil Geniuses rose to the top and during the time of these organisations' fame, CLG was just fighting to not be the weakest team in LCS.

Then Summer split of 2022 came. Everyone expected them to be the underdogs once again but true to their name, Counter Logic Gaming decided it's time to get 80 per cent win rate and reach the top of the ladder.

In the first week, they faced Dignitas, TSM and Golden Guardians, winning all three games. Granted, these teams are not the ones that regularly appear at the top of playoffs so while a 3-0 start was surprising, many didn't see it as that much of a promising sign.

The second week of LCS Summer split brought the team's first defeat as FlyQuest took them down, hinting that CLG would be back to the lower half of the table soon.

It was not meant to be - the team faced off with the current LCS champions, Evil Geniuses, in a quite epic game of back and forth that went on for 42 minutes and 22 seconds.

In the final twist, they secured the biggest underdog victory of the Summer split so far and hopefully heralded a highly unpredictable season for LCS. If things continue this way, it will be very interesting to see who ends up at Worlds.

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