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LEC ends NEOM partnership after backlash

Published: 02:25, 30 July 2020
Riot Games
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League of Legends European Championship (LEC) recently announced a partnership with NEOM but Riot Games were quickly called out and the deal was cancelled.

Not long after the initial announcement of the LEC and NEOM partnership appeared, Riot Games announced that the deal will be cancelled. The reason for this is the overwhelmingly negative feedback the company received from the community, press and even their own employees.

One of the driving factors for the backlash is Riot's contradictory stance regarding the LGBT+ community. They are waving the pride flag across social media on their official accounts and even announced the partnership with one such flag for profile picture. 

Normally this wouldn't be an issue but given NEOM's roots that are tied with the prosecution of the aforementioned community, it was only a matter of time before particular set of circumstances would come back to bite Riot.

It didn't take long for the media to pick up on the issue and condemn Riot's contradictory actions and statements , amplified by negative sentiments from pros and the company's own employees .

Fast forward to July 30, 2020, Riot Games announced that the partnership with NEOM was annulled . They admitted to making a mistake and worked quickly to correct it while also reassuring the community that such mistakes would not happen in the future.

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It remains to be seen whether the company will get any fallout from going into contradictory waters so obviously and whether that apology holds up in its future actions.

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