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League of Legends Twitch Rivals rosters are out now

Published: 15:22, 07 January 2020
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Eight captains for the upcoming League of Legends Twitch Rivals tournament have drafted their picks and all the teams across two groups are now known. Here is the full list of captains, their drafted players and their group structures.

Twitch Rivals draft went smoothly for the most part, with the sole exception being Swifte who dropped out of the tournament when he was drafted by Trick2G. As a result, Trick was given a new draft for the support position, which he autofilled with Geranimo.

Group A

Team loltyler1

  • Top: Adrianaries
  • Jungle: IWDominate
  • Mid: Hai
  • Marksman: Tyler1
  • Support: Metaphor

Team TFBlade

  • Top: TFBlade
  • Jungle: Tarzaned
  • Mid: Wayofthetempist
  • Marksman: Value247
  • Support: PapaChau

Team BoxBox

  • Top: BoxBox
  • Jungle: KiNG Nidhogg
  • Mid: TSM Sword
  • Marksman: xFSN Saber
  • Support: Joey

Team Voyboy

  • Top: FallenBandit
  • Jungle: Masterfiend
  • Mid: Voyboy
  • Marksman: Osama
  • Support: Lohpally

Group B:

Team Shiphtur

  • Top: Dragoon
  • Jungle: ShorterACE
  • Mid: Shiphtur
  • Marksman: Saskio
  • Support: Shady

Team Nightblue3

  • Top: Tony Top
  • Jungle: Nightblue3
  • Mid: Quantum Fizzics
  • Marksman: Jurassiq
  • Support: HistoryTeacher

Team Yassuo

  • Top: Sanchovies
  • Jungle: LS
  • Mid: Yassuo
  • Marksman: Benji
  • Support: starsmitten

Team Trick2G

  • Top: FoggedFTW
  • Jungle: Trick2G
  • Mid: Cookiemanman
  • Marksman: Horsey
  • Support: Geranimo

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League of Legends

 While Twitch Rivals is not the calibre of a World Championship, it has several highlights we should all be looking for:

  • Yassuo vs Trick2G grudge match following the bait and switch at the previous Twitch Rivals
  • The number of players running heal-heavy champions to force LS into buying Morellonomicon
  • Watching how Geranimo fills into support autofill
  • Watching Swifte win the tournament again
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