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League of Legends Patches May Be Delayed Due to a Riot Games Break

Published: 00:23, 01 July 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Nilah with her Urumi
League of Legends - Nilah with her Urumi

Summer is almost here, and Riot Games are going on another break. This one will last for a week, much like the one they took in April, and will affect the patch schedule.

The last break Riot Games took was one week-long, in April, and it delayed the release of the second of that month's scheduled patches. This time it will be the same, but the rest of the services will remain ongoing, say Riot game.

"Riot’s taking the week of July 4 off to rest, recharge, and stretch our wrists. This will be our third year taking a summer break so we’re getting the drill down now. Patch timelines may shift to accommodate the change, and, if so, individual game teams will send out the specifics.

In the meantime, some teams like our live operations, anti-cheat, and security teams will be staggering their breaks to make sure everything keeps running smoothly throughout the break. Knowing Rioters, you’ll probably see more of us spending this week on the Rift, figuring out the angles on Pearl, and searching for the perfect Dragon to round out our comps", explain Riot.

Riot Games League of Legends - Bel'Veth League of Legends - Bel'Veth


It seems that their breaks usually come at a time when big patches have been released, or are just about to. It was the same last time, and now it is doubly so.

Still, the balance of the game, aside from assassins, is relatively calm at the moment, and we can hold out for a week for new changes to be made. At least we hope so, as Tahm Kench ADC and Singed mid are still rampaging.

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