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League of Legends Patch 12.12 Shaco Buffs

Published: 02:21, 24 June 2022
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League of Legends Shaco splash art
League of Legends Shaco may be the only remaining jungler in Season 13 capable of a double camp clear

The annoying Joker impersonator has been a nuisance since his release. However, Riot are now making him a nuisance that will be part of the meta as well.

Shaco, as all assassins, has not been in a good place since the durability update of patch 12.10. However, this particular assassin has had a low win rate even before, making him one of the weakest assassins in League of Legends.

Because of that, Riot are buffing him all around the board, to get him back into the meta:

Base health growth and armor growth decreased.

  • Q AD ratio increased.
  • W AP ratio increased.
  • E AD and AP ratios increased.

With this, we can expect AD Shaco to be a more direct threat to all ADCs on the Rift. However, we are unsure how effective that will be exactly as AD assassins are still waiting on the promised buffs.

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This is Riot's explanation about these particular buffs though:

" Shaco's been struggling in a world with more durable playthings, especially with his traditional burstier builds. He already has quite a bit of survivability with his tricks, so we're trading some of his durability for more burst. This should open up those high-risk, high-reward builds once again, adding to his diverse itemization options. (As a reminder, his Q and E can deal additional damage with his Passive-Backstab bonus.)"

High-risk high-reward means feast or famine, and, in League of Legends, that usually means that your Shaco will always go hungry, while the enemy Shaco will be feasting all game long.

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