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League of Legends patch 12.1 changes have been revealed

Published: 07:30, 04 January 2022
Updated: 07:34, 04 January 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends champion Diana
League of Legends - Diana was always more popular than her counterpart, Leona

Finally, Riot have moved over from patches 11. X to 12.1. It means that season 11 is well and truly in the past, and we can look forward tow hat season 12 will bring.

As we enter 2022, and near the start of season 12, Riot have revealed what patch 12.1 has In store for us. For now, we are informed of two champions' buffs, that to Gangplank and Diana, and two champions' nerfs, those to Sona and Rek'sai.

As for the items, Force of Nature will be receiving a significant buff, with its stacking buff duration increased from 5 to 7 seconds, and magic damage reduction at max stacks being increased from 20% to 25%, making the item worth far more to any tank or bruiser-type champion.

Three items are receiving nerfs this patch, though there may be much more, as Riot have not revealed the full scope of the patch just yet. The items being nerfed are Eclipse, Immortal Shieldbow, and Wits End.

Riot Games League of Legends - Rek'Sai League of Legends - Rek'Sai

Eclipse's cooldown for Melee Champions will be increased from 6 to 8 seconds, Immortal Shieldbow will have its Attack Damage lowered from 55 to 50, and passive shield strength lowered from 300-800 to 275-650, while Wits End's Magic resist will be reduced from 50 to 40, and the item will have a new build path of building Hearthbound Axe, Null Magic Mantle, and a Pickaxe.

The teleport changes will be implemented in this patch as well, which you can read here . As for the future of season 12, and its ranked climb, this article may be of value to you.

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