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League of Legends patch 11.24 will return Caitlyn's auto attack resets

Published: 12:24, 30 November 2021
Riot Games
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Caitlyn's visual update will be less controversial when patch 11.24 kicks in as it will return a much-beloved mechanic to the fans of League of Legends' laning queen.

Caitlyn ASU resulted in a fantastic improvement of her visuals and effects, with many of the skins suddenly becoming more desirable. The animations are also crisper, so it might be weird to see that not everyone is happy about the update.

The reason for this is that the champion could reset her auto attacks before by triggering headshots on enemies through either the traps or the 90 Caliber Net. After the update went out, the Sheriff lost her ability to do so, which is a huge deal for a marksman in League of Legends .

Riot Games were initially hesitant to give her auto attack resets back before, stating they would  tweak her numbers  to make up for the lack of the mechanic but the truth is that the players liked playing with it and were not merely lamenting lost power.

However, the devs changed course along the way and when patch 11.24 preview was made available on Reddit, they pitched in to note that the return of Cait's auto resets was not mentioned but it will be happening in the same release .

That said, the auto resets will not be unlimited like before. One champion can't trigger the auto reset by stepping on a trap but repeatedly walking into them will not make Cait shoot them with a machinegun.

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On the flip side, if more than one champ steps on her traps in a small period of time, she will get a lot of resets and be able to shoot them all almost instantly. This should give her the reset mechanic back without being too oppressive in lane and it remains to be seen how well the new Cait will work after 11.24.

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