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League of Legends patch 10.20 changes have been revealed

Published: 20:58, 23 September 2020
Updated: 21:01, 23 September 2020
Riot Games
 League of Legends champion Shen and Varus - infernal skin splash arts
Is lethality Varus back?

Mark Yetter, a Riot Games' employee, has revealed the final changes we will most likely be seeing with patch 10.20. There are some interesting buffs to champions like Ryze and Varus who could make a return to the meta.

After releasing the balance target list yesterday, Riot Games' lead gameplay designer has now tweeted about the specific changes targeting the champions for patch 10.20. This patch will most likely target solo queue only since 10.19 has already been confirmed to be the patch featured on the Worlds stage this year. 

There are the buffs the balance team prepared for the next patch:

  • Aatrox - World Ender (R) healing increased from 50-70 to 50-100 per cent
  • Illaoi - Tentacle spawn cooldown lowered from 20-12 to 20-8 per cent by champion level
  • Sion - Decimating Smash (Q) damage to monsters increased from 100 to 150 per cent
  • Urgot - Corrosive Charge (W) deals minimum damage to monsters
  • Ryze -  Overload (Q) damage increased from 65-165 to 75-175
  • Varus - Hail of Arrows (E) damage increased from 50-210 to 60-220;  Chain of Corruption (R) cooldown lowered from 130-70 to 120-60
  • Braum - Winter's Bite (Q) damage increased from 60-260 to 75-275, mana cost lowered from 55-75 to 45-65

Riot Games Splash art for the new Nunu Bot skin, after Nunu & Willump's rework League of Legends - Nunu Bot

The list of champions that will receive nerfs this patch is as follows:

  • Karthus - armour lowered from 20.88 to 18; base HP regen reduced from 6.5 to 6
  • Maokai -  Bramble Smash (Q) damage lowered from 70-250 to 70-230
  • Kled - base magic resist reduced from 32.1 to 29
  • Nunu - base armour changed from 32 to 29
  • Kassadin - Null Sphere (Q) shield reduced from 60-160 to 40-160
  • Katarina - passive damage AD ratio changed from 100 to 75 per cent bonus AD
  • Lulu - Whimsy (W) attack speed changed from 25-45 per cent to 20-35 per cent
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