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League of Legends New ADC Nilah Ability is a Dodge Mechanic

Published: 22:58, 20 June 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Nilah
League of Legends - Nilah

The newest champion coming to League of Legends is Nilah, a melee ADC. What can we expect of her when she finally releases, will she broken or just meta?

The newest bot lane champion coming to the Rift was said by Riot to be a melee bot laner. It was even teased in a short story during the reveals regarding Bel'Veth, where their gender wasn't even revealed.

Now, it seems that Nilah is a water-based melee bot lane champion, with high mobility and wielding a whip of all things.

The recent teaser of this champion showed her shrouding herself in an ability, which let her negate crowd control, or so we thought. However, it seems that she will not be similar to Sivir, but more akin to Jax instead.

One of Nilah's abilities is actually a dodge mechanic, as it was confirmed by a Rioter on Twitter. Due to that, the choice of Twisted Fate is obvious as a red herring, as his stun is an auto-attack-based ability.

Riot Games League of Legends - Twisted Fate League of Legends - Twisted Fate


Not only is Nilah capable of shrouding herself in this ability, but her allies as well, which will prove to be deadly in the bot lane, when engaging on an ADC as an engage support.

Kudos to Riot, though, for making an interesting new ability enter, or re-enter, the game, without it being overpowered. After all, if the ability could negate all CC and be able to be cast on allies, that would be broken entirely.

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