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League of Legends Gwen Mini Rework Coming in Patch 12.13

Published: 02:21, 05 July 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Gwen
League of Legends - Gwen

Though she is a new champion, it seems that Gwen is slowly going down the route of Rell, and Riot will not allow that to happen. Not to a champion with so much marketability.

In patch 12.13, Gwen is going to have her abilities reworked. This isn't a huge rework or mid-scope update as Riot Games call it like the one Sivir is getting, but it will have quite an impact on anyone who likes to play Gwen and is used to her current kit.

The promised changes are:

  • Base stats 
    • HP Regen Growth: 0.55 --> 0.9 per 5s
  • Q - Snip Snip
    • Damage per Snip: 9-21(+5% AP) --> 10-26(+5%AP)
    • Final Snip Damage: 45-105(+25%AP) --> 60-140(+35%AP)
    • Center Snip: 100% True Damage --> 75% True Damage
    • Deals 75% damage to minions
    • Minions below 20% health take 1000% bonus damage insead of reduced damage
  • W - Hallowed Mist
    • Bonus Resistances: 12-20(+5%AP) --> 17-25(+7%AP)
    • Duration: 5s --> 4s
  • E - Skip 'n Slash
    • Bonus Magic Damage: 10(+15%AP) --> 15(20%AP)
    • Bonus Range: 50 --> 75
    • Cooldown: 13-9s --> 13-11s
    • Cooldown Refund: 50% --> 25/35/45/55/65%
  • R - Needlework
    • Damage Per Needle: 30/55/80(+8%AP) --> 35/65/95(+10%AP)
    • [ADJUSTED] Recast resets after damaging an enemy --> Resets after 1s  

Riot Games League of Legends - Gwen teaser League of Legends - Gwen teaser

Her ultimate has been changed, making it much weaker, and her healing has taken a large nerf as well. The only thing going for her, in essence, is her Q ability, which will make her an incredible lane bully. The changes are poised to go live with patch 12.13, on July 13, 2022.

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