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League of Legends: Galatasaray Esports banned for Spring Split

Published: 18:52, 28 December 2019
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Galatasaray Esports will not be able to participate in Turkish Championship League during the Summer Split 2020 after Riot Games banned the team. This will result in the league running with only nine teams in total, instead of the planned 10.

Galatasaray Esports ran into trouble after they failed to pay their players and coach salary for 2019 Summer Split. They initially got off easy for missing the first payment deadline as Riot Games just warned them and extended the deadline. However, as of 27 December 2019, the staff has not been paid yet which resulted in the team from the Summer Split next year.

The team's participation in the Summer Split is still up in the air. They can get back into the league in case they pay their dues but it's highly unlikely the partnership will continue should Galatasaray still fail to pay their esports team. As a result of Galatasaray's suspension, the Spring Split of TCL will go on with just nine teams instead of 10 which is the regular format.

It features an unusually high number of esports teams that are under the same roof as football teams, compared to other regions. Besides Galatasaray, there are Besiktas, Bursaspor and Fenerbahce who are all vying for the title of Turkish championship and a qualifying spot for Worlds 2020.

There is still more than half a year until the Summer Split which is plenty of time for Galatasaray to get their things in order but their chances to qualify to World Championship 2020 will be minimised.

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Furthermore, as long as there is no franchising around, the regulations will be loose and such slip-ups will have potential to keep happening, at the expense of players and coaches.

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