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League of Legends Global eSports event announcement

Published: 12:55, 28 February 2018
Riot Games
Promotional banner for League of Legends' Global eSports Event announcement showing a part of the globe with 2018 written over it.
League of Legends - Global eSports Event Announced

Riot Games have announced full dates and venues for all of their major tournaments due in 2018. It appears they are looking to break more records, following the 2017 League of Legends World Championship in China success.

League of Legends eSports events will be cruising the world this year, unfolding in places where the game's popularity is highest. First on the list are the European places of interest - France and Germany.

Riot will be hosting Mid-Season Invitational group stage in Berlin, Germany from 3 through 15 May 2018. Knock-out stage will be running from 18 through 20 May 2018 in Paris, France. Since this is the first in line for their major tournaments this year, tickets are going on sale within the next few weeks.

Riot Games Splash art for League of Legends champion Poppy showing her tiny stature with her massive hammer. League of Legends - Poppy

Following MSI, Riot will be organising Rift Rivals which will be hosted literally all over the world. The event will be running from 2 to 8 July 2018, clashing regions with highest rivalry presence against one another.

North America will be the host this year for another bout with Europe for a rivalry test that has been present ever since season one Championship. China will be the grounds of a China vs Korea vs LMS battle royale. Similar formats will be present in Brazil, Australia and Vietnam.

Riot Games Poster for League of Legends Rift Rivals 2018 featuring rival brothers Renekton and Nasus in a gray colour palette. League of Legends - Rift Rivals 2018

Brazil will face off  in a free for all against Latin America North and Latin America South, while Australia will see Oceania going versus Southeast Asia versus Japan. Vietnam will be hosting an eSport event just months after gaining status of an independent region from Southeast Asia and they will be up against Russia and Turkey.

World Championship 2018 will be held entirely in South Korea accross different cities and venues. This is the region that is ruling the top of League of Legends eSports hierarchy with an iron first, winning the last five world championships. 

All Star Event, the competitive cherry on top will be held in North America. More info can be found on League of Legends .

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