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League of Legends Ashe Support Is the New Cheese Strat To Climb With

Published: 22:49, 08 July 2022
League of Legends champion Ashe - splash art image
The Cosmic Queen of the bot lane

We are all looking for that edge when playing League of Legends ranked, and trying to gain as many League Points as possible, as easily as possible. Cue the Ashe support.

League of Legends champions, mostly of the mage variety, have a tendency to be relegated to the support role from their carry positions every now and again.

Riot Games turn a blind eye to these things and focus on their new releases. Now, the time has come for Ashe to take that spot. Though in her case, that may not last all that long, as she is still a relatively good ADC.

Currently, Ashe support works all across the board, in both low and high elo, and the reason her win rate is not as high as it should be is due to the fact that new players have not learned how to play it properly and are picking her up in ranked.

Ashe is a poking support champion, who harasses the enemy out of lane, gives ample vision for her jungle, and most importantly, has an incredible ultimate which is a sure-fire kill whenever it hits. And with her current build, the ability haste brings it down to incredibly low cooldown duration levels, around the 20-second mark.

Riot Games League of Legends: Wild Rift - Ashe Ashe The Frost Archer

The usual core items for Ashe support are:

  1. Imperial Mandate
  2. Muramana - With Tear of the Goddess as a first back
  3. Umbral Glaive

This build is relatively inexpensive, and affordable on a support's gold income while offering utility, and damage. It's also the best one, offering a burst of damage when hitting her ultimate on a high-priority target.

The builds with Duskblade and Liandry's are not all that recommended, as Ashe fills a niche of an annoying support, who helps her team with incredible vision and engage, decent disengage with her slows, and not of a damage-dealing carry. If that is what you're after, you're better off playing her in the ADC role.

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