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League of Legends LCS Regional Finals date and predictions

Published: 19:45, 29 August 2019
Updated: 09:43, 02 October 2019
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LCS Regional Finals are kicking off on 6 September 2019 and they will decide the final North American participant of the World Championship. Only one of the two teams from the longest-lasting NA rivalry can eke out a spot in the main event.

North American Summer Split playoffs wrapped up and locked the first two North American participants of the World Championship 2019. The third team that will get a chance to qualify to WC will be decided on 8 September 2019 when the last match of LCS Regional Finals plays out.

This team will qualify for the play-in stage and is still not guaranteed a spot on the main event. There are four teams in the running for the Regional Finals top spot - Counterlogic Gaming (CLG), Team Solomid (TSM), FlyQuest (FLY) and Clutch Gaming (CG).

TSM will play only up to five matches in total since they have locked the finals spot in thanks to their accumulation of Championship Points. CLG are locked in for at least semi-finals while FLY and CG will duke it out from the beginning.

Despite TSM's locked in spot in the finals, they are not necessarily the favourites to grab that World Championship play-in spot. Their most recent form, shown during the Summer Playoffs is anything but commendable since they got knocked out in the first round by CG, with an almost clean sweep.

CG and CLG showed the most promise out of the four teams since they both swept their first-round opponents. CLG scored the only clean sweep of the playoffs which happened against Optic Gaming while CG were only knocked out by the dominant Team Liquid that eventually won the entire thing. They fell with the score 3-2, just like C9 did in the finals.

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CLG eventually beat CG in the third-place matchup, which was once again a 3-2 win, testifying that the gap between teams in North America is probably tighter than ever.

It is definitely going to be an even worth watching, especially because of ages long TSM vs CLG rivalry - only one of them can possibly go through to the World Championship. Maybe CG will swipe both teams and deny them the pleasure. Everything seems possible in LCS Regional Finals at this point.

In case you want to tune in, the event will be broadcasted on , starting on 6 September 2019 at 12:00 PDT / 14:00 EDT / 21:00 CEST.

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