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LCK: Still8 and Griffin CEO resign

Published: 17:25, 26 December 2019
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Griffin saga continues with the fallout of cvMax's whistleblowing that caused the team's ridiculous contracts to surface. Still8, the parent company had to divest ownership of Griffin which resulted in CEOs of both companies resigning.

Griffin's organisation was, and maybe still is, to say the least. Kanavi, a young jungler prospect, was held with a slave contract that would have remained a secret had it not been for the falling out between the team's general manager, Cho Kyu-nam, and the former coach, Kim "cvMax" Dae-ho.

Following , Griffin contracts caught a lot of attention, Cho was banned from Riot Games' competitions indefinitely and the team was fined. However, after LoL esports fans were disillusioned with whistleblower retaliation that also saw cvMax permanently banned as well as pressure from South Korea's senator Ha, Riot Games KR ordered the latter's .

The deadlines were set and the organisations' response was anticipated. It came along on 26 December 2019, as Still8 posted an notifying the public about some changes.

Both Seo "Shark" Kyung-jong, the CEO of Still8 Esports (Griffin) and Kim "Tino" Dong-woo, the CEO of Still8 resigned from their positions. Besides them, there is the mention of Cho Kyu-nam, the GM of Griffin, who already resigned on 12 November 2019 as well as Choi Seong-Ho the Outside Director of Griffin and Kang Han-seung, head of Griffin China.

These individuals will no longer be involved in management, business or decision making within Still8 and all their voting rights in the board of directors will be forfeited. With that, the demands of Riot Korea seem to have been fulfilled for now. 

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While Still8's front page tends to update, the have already been documented and it's unlikely Still8 will try to go back on their word.

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