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Konami aiming for total photorealism with PES 2022

Published: 06:37, 01 June 2021
Updated: 15:45, 01 June 2021
Screenshot of Messi in the next-gen PES teaser
Messi looks phenomenal in the next-gen PES teaser.

Konami have shed more light on their upcoming football simulation PES 2022, which we expect later this year. The developers are aiming for photorealistic visuals and promise "quality Messi" recreation.

A couple of months ago, Konami announced they are skipping the full development of PES 2021, releasing only a small content update with updated player transfers and other additions. The publisher stated they want to focus on their first next-gen football simulation PES 2022, which is being built on Unreal Engine 5.

Konami have not shared much details about the game since the official announcement but it looks like the publisher are starting to give us some bits of info as we get closer to the reveal.

Seitaro Kimura, eFootball PES series producer at Konami has talked to Play magazine recently, where he mentioned the team's goals and how they want to create the most realistic football sim ever.

"I think it is important to be able to experience the excitement and sense of accomplishment that football has, in the game," says Kimura when asked what PES 2022 has to offer. "Not to mention being able to play games in photorealism".

"We believe that ‘photorealism’ will be completed by adding various ‘elements’ to impress users […] Users know what the players look like, they’ve seen the enthusiastic supporters, and they’ve felt the atmosphere of the stadium. Therefore, the ‘virtual deception’ is much harder. However, this is the exact reason why we feel the challenge in this field is worth it."

Konami Screenshot of the FC Barcelona logo in next-gen PES The attention to detail on the next-gen logo of FC Barcelona is nothing short of amazing.

Additionally, Kimura stated that the whole package, which includes animation, frame rate and resolution is equally important to achieve photorealism but the camera work is also something they are learning at the moment.

"Of course, factors such as lighting, animation, framerate, and resolution are very important and necessary, but this is not enough," Kimura says. "In addition to these elements, we must have the knowledge and skills of a camera for photo development in order to obtain ‘photorealism’. We learn how an actual lens captures the light and other features, and consider that expressing these phenomena is important."

eFootball PES 2020, iconic football simulation by Konami

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