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Koga makes his way to Paladins roster along with new update

Published: 19:31, 12 July 2018
Hi-Rez Studios
Promotional picture for Koga, a new champion in Paldins
Paladins - Koga

Hi-Rez Studios have released the update 1.3 for their team based multiplayer shooter Paladins: Champion of the Realm. The new update brought a new champion named Koga with it, who seems to be a gun totting ninja that's out for blood.

He's out for Zhin's blood specifically, according to his lore. Apparently he was a member of the Thousand Hands guild that was founded and is ruled by Zhin the Tyrant himself. At some point in history, Koga left the guild's fortress due to an attempt on his life and now that he's returned, he is looking to make mince meat out of Zhin.

Koga has two different types of weapons that he can toggle - two submachineguns and his signature claws. His mobility skill is Shadow Step that makes him temporarily untargetable as he dashes forward. The second ability he has is Agility that can increase Koga's movement speed and jump height for a short period of time. Both Shadow Step and Agility consume one bar of energy per use, which can be recharged over time.

As you may have guessed from abilities so far, Koga will fill the role of a flanker as he is extremely mobile and offers a fair amount of burst damage. His mobility is further increased by his passive, which is Wall Run that would allow him climb to the moon if there were walls high enough.

Koga's ultimate ability is Cyclone Strike. League of Legends and Dota / Dota 2 players will be familiar with this ability's mechanics. It makes Koga untargetable for two seconds and he does constant damage to champions in an area around him during that period. Juggernaut called, he wants his ult back.

Hi-Rez Studios Splash art for Skye from Paladins by Hi-Rez Studios Paladins Skye

Neither the patch nor the developer livestream mentioned anything about Skye rework, which is a change fans are eagerly anticipating. It seems that Hi-Rez have their hands full with deploying updates and the upcoming events across different platforms since they have to wait for green light from both Microsoft and Sony to do it.

Meanwhile, you can check the rest of the patch notes on .

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