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Killer Instinct 2 is reportedly in development

Published: 07:06, 18 October 2021
Updated: 07:21, 18 October 2021
Killer Instinct screenshot showing two fighters in a fight
Killer Instinct

Rumour has it that Microsoft have finally found a studio for the Killer Instinct sequel, which is reportedly in active development.

Killer Instinct is one of those Xbox IPs that are not actively in development all the time like Halo, Gears and Forza, despite its cult following. This classic franchise certainly has the potential to become Xbox's next major IP and join the already mentioned trio but over the years, Microsoft have been struggling to find a studio that would develop the next Killer Instinct game. 

Recently, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer revealed that they have not forgotten this fighting IP and would love to do more games but they need the right team for that task, and it seems they've found one. 

According to Xbox insider Nick Baker aka Shpeshal Nick from XboxEra, Killer Instinct 2 is now in active development. His latest rumour is a follow up to earlier rumours about Killer Instinct where he suggested that the franchise is not dead and could return in some form.

"Yes, Killer Instinct 2 is in active development. It's not just 'coming back' it is in active development," Shpeshal Nick said in the XboxEra podcast episode 79 . Sadly, Nick does not know who is developing the game. We assume Microsoft have hired a third-party studio for this one via Xbox Games Studios Publishing.

Microsoft Killer Instinct screenshot showing combat Killer Instinct

Our personal pick would be Arc System Works, the guys behind the Guilty Gear franchise, Dragon Ball: FighterZ and many other fighting games. Oh, and we would love to see Xbox and Bethesda characters such as Master Chief, Joanna Dark, Doomguy and Dovakhin as playable fighters. Now that would be a sweet fighting game. 

If Killer Instinct 2 ever arrives, expect it to be an exclusive for Xbox Series X|S and PC with a day-one Game Pass release.

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