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KeSPA Cup semifinal results, Day 1

Published: 18:34, 03 January 2020
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KeSPA Cup's first semifinals match between T1 and Sandbox Gaming has concluded, bringing what looks like the most tuned team so far into the finals. It took four games for the matchup to finish. Paragraphs below contain results, and therefore spoilers.

T1 started 2020 in a shaky fashion, not unlike the season before as they were knocked out by Sandbox Gaming in KeSPA cup semifinals, with the final score being 1-3. It appears that the latter team is clicking together much better than the opposition they faced so far, including T1, who are evidently missing the likes of Khan and Clid.

The first two games both ended in 37 minutes in SB's favour. However, the first match was much closer than the follow-up as both teams managed to secured several neutral objectives and the gold difference wasn't that high in the end. Damage output from the carries was, however. Leo's Miss Fortune dished out more champion damage than Faker and Teddy together which pretty much spells out victories in team fights but the fact that Summit, OnFleek and Fate were not slacking when it comes to damage dealt just made sure T1 didn't stand a chance.

Game 2 was a stomp with T1 managing to secure only one Ocean drake and two towers while Sandbox Gaming secured four drakes, two barons and nine towers by the game's end which resulted in them having a ~15,000 gold lead when they knocked T1's nexus down.

Game 3 gave some hope to T1 fans as Teddy just went berserk and outdamaged everyone, despite Leo having Miss Fortune. SB managed to get only four kills in this match and when you compare it to T1's 21, you get a clear picture of how one-sided this game was.

Those hopes would get shattered in Game 4 as SB popped off once again and it was T1 who had only four kills this time around. SB's entire team had massive damage by the end of the game and OnFleek picked up a penta on Olaf to boot.

SB will face the winner of the duel between Afreeca Freecs and DragonX.

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