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KeSPA Cup quarterfinal results, Day 2

Published: 17:43, 31 December 2019
Riot Games
League of Legends - Victorious Aatrox
League of Legends - Victorious Aatrox

KeSPA Cup quarterfinals are now over. Following the success of Afreeca Freecs and Sandbox Gaming in Day 1, the remaining two finalists wrapped their work on 31 December 2019. The following paragraphs will include results, and therefore spoilers.

Gen. G vs T1 proved to be the closer matchup of the two in Day 2 quarterfinals of KeSPA Cup. T1 took the lead after 34 minutes into the first game as both AD carries stepped up when it came to damage output but Teddy still came out as the top dog with both more damage and kills secured. Furthermore, T1 had much better objective control as they only conceded one dragon while taking four, with Ocean Soul popping up, as well as two barons. 

Game two went in Gen. G's favour as they pressured both Teddy and Faker. Teddy's damage output and score were still decent but Faker ended the match with 0/4/4 KDA. Canna didn't manage to exert enough pressure either and with all three carries shut down, Gen G coasted to victory in 34 minutes.

However, Effort went berserk in game three as he picked Blitzcrank in order to turbocharge Teddy's Kai'Sa. The strategy worked, T1 once again dominated neutral objectives and managed to win the game after two Elder Dragons and a Baron but it took them 47 minutes and 14 seconds to close out the game.

Damwon Gaming vs DragonX wasn't as close though. It was over in just two games and neither of them dragged on as long as those in the aforementioned duel. DRX took game one in 31 minutes as Doran stepped up and was much more confident than in games during the qualifying rounds. He took the MVP title with just one kill short of going Legendary on Aatrox. It was game over in 31 minutes.

The second match proved to be even shorter. DWG redirected some focus from Chovy to Doran but this wasn't enough since it was Chovy with a dominant performance in this game and DRX took DWG down in just 25 minutes. 

Meanwhile, there was no stopping Pyosik, Keria or Deft in either game. These guys just piled on and were dominant all around, painting a rather healthy picture of DRX.

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