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KeSPA Cup quarterfinal results - Day 1

Published: 23:47, 30 December 2019
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Korean League of Legends' first major tournament before Season 10 is halfway through the quarterfinals without too many surprises besides issues with production that caused one matchup to kick off at 2:30 AM KST. Spoilers with results will now follow.

Sandbox Gaming versus Griffin was the first matchup of the quarterfinals. The first game between the two dragged on for 42 minutes as the teams kept the gold difference minimal for a long time. Kill score was also equalised even at the end of the match but SB secured three Infernal drakes and a baron which ultimately made them prevail.

Game two was a different story entirely. Everyone believed it over after roughly 15 minutes as Sandbox's stranglehold proved too much for Griffin who failed to seize even a single kill. The match still dragged on for 29 minutes and Viper turned out to be the only Griffin player not to die for the duration. It wasn't a particularly exciting series and even the casters wandered off into talking about Twilight movies at one point.

Afreeca Freecs versus Hanwha Life proved to be a much closer matchup though. All three games went on for over 30 minutes and it initially looked like AF have the duel well in hand after stomping the opponents with a massive kill and gold lead in game one. However, it all became obscured in game two since HLE did the same to them.

Game three turned out to be the closest one when it comes to kill and gold difference but AF never let their disperse as they methodically dismantled HLE towers and the base itself while losing only four turrets in side lanes. 

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Unfortunately, this matchup will not be remembered in a positive note as KeSPA's organisation took the highlight, however bad it may be. Namely, the AF vs HLE matches were following a series of technical difficulties which resulted in 2:30 AM KST games. 

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