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KeSPA Cup finals results

Published: 15:44, 06 January 2020
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KeSPA Cup has officially concluded with the first proper outing of the teams that will be competing in LCK during Season 10. Afreeca Freecs and Sandbox Gaming were quickest to adapt and the spoilers with the results will now follow.

Both AF and SB were quick to adapt to changes in pre-season 10 which resulted in the two teams being the finalists of KeSPA Cup. However, it was AF that evidently clicked better as they just rammed through SB with a clean sweep.

The first game was quite depressive for SB since they managed to score only one kill. Technically, there were two deaths on AF but Spirit managed to get executed once. Therefore, SB didn't get any gold from it while Kiin just demolished everyone on Irelia and the game was closed out in just 23 minutes and 13 seconds which is fairly unusual for matches between Korean teams.

Game two was more along the lines of the sweet spot when it comes to match duration but it wasn't any less of a stomp. SB again managed only one kill, this time on Fly but the rest of AF were just clean. It was Mystic with the most kills this time around while SB at least managed to get three turrets, as opposed to zero in the first game.

The final match dragged on for 35 minutes and SB were much more successful than in previous games but they just couldn't deal with combined pressure from Mystic and Kiin, the latter of whom played Hecarim. AF played this match with SSUN in mid lane, who went 4/1/14 in the end while playing Rumble.

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Overall, it was an extremely one-sided finals duel, proving that AF found their synergy extremely early, before the competitive season even started. Furthermore, Kiin's shape isn't dropping from what could be seen, as he grabbed the MVP award five times during the tournament. For reference AF played nine matches in total.

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