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KeSPA Cup Elimination round results & Qualifying matchups

Published: 15:28, 26 December 2019
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Best of three Elimination round for KeSPA Cup is now behind us with mostly no surprises. There is one upset, that could more or less be expected but the Qualifying round should be a treat to watch overall. Here are the results and matchups.

KeSPA Cup's first Eliminaton round concluded without surprises in seven out of eight matchups. Afreeca Freecs kicked it off with a comfortable 2-0 win against Rockhead to secure their spot in the Qualifying round. The contestants AF will meet there are Brion Blade, who had a rockier path to progression as it took them three matches to take down APK Prince.

Gen. G expectedly cruised past GC Busan Ascension and quite honestly, it would be a major surprise if they didn't, considering the likes of Bdd, Ruler and Clid are on the team's roster. Somewhat similarly, Team Dynamics didn't drop a single match against Asura in order to secure a spot in the next round against the LCK veterans.

KT Rolster breezed past Ulsan with another 2-0 but they will have to put their back into it when the Qualifying round kicks off as it's the refreshed Hanwha Life they will be meeting. The same goes for the other side as well, since CuVee, Lehends, Haru & Co didn't have much trouble in taking down Esports Connected.

DragonX vs Chungnam was one of the most anticipated matches due to DRX's new roster and coach, cvMax. Chovy and Doran followed him from Griffin and coupled with Deft and Keria in bot lane, they proved unstoppable. Doran's performance wasn't as shiny as Chovy's but then again, he is a player that cvMax aims to develop rather than hope for star performances immediately.

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They will face off against the only upset in the series, Spear Gaming. These guys took down Jin Air Greenwings, which was technically not expected but anyone who knows JAG also knows the memes about them are not undeserved.

Only four teams will proceed to the next round where they will meet the top four Korean teams from the past season - Sandbox Gaming, Griffin, T1 and Damwon Gaming.

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