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All Walls Must Fall heading toward second strech goal

Published: 09:08, 03 April 2017
Updated: 10:38, 03 April 2017
Inbetween Games
All Walls Must Fall

German built All Walls Must Fall receives more destruction and cyber-punky vandalism with its first stretch goal breached. Next up, drone warfare and more procedural music.

reached its £13.000 Kickstarter goal last week and managed to drive past its first stretch goal over the weekend. The German indie tech-noir tactics game will be upgraded with additional destructibility, an extended cover system and more music primed for a procedural mixdown.

The next stretch goal painted wall to breach should add drone warfare, more variety to environments, new mission objectives and include more artists contributing to the game's procedurally generated musical backdrop.

Inbetween All Walls Must Fall All Walls Must Fall

A lot of RPG games fall into a common trap when with their environmental design. Similar to putting crates, you rarely get to see IRL, literally - dungeons have become a staple coat of paint for various mechanics. have figured out that night clubs lend themselves equally well to game design purposes. Guards, different sized rooms with different purposes and accessibility, crowds, beverage shops and a whole array of different elements that can translate well into a game's systems are woefully underutilised. A pub/club crawler in place of the old dungeon crawler is a brilliant idea and strikingly obvious once someone is kind and bright enough to point it out.

Inbetween Games All Walls Must Fall All Walls Must Fall

On top of that, All Walls Must Fall ditches the I-Go-You-Go turn system for much rarer We-Go approach, resolving the player's and AI's turns simultaneously. All this is structured to give the appearance of gameplay unfolding in realtime, with the games short turns playing out to the beat of bass heavy club music.

All Walls Must Fall will be presenting its alpha to backers via in May 2017, with Steam Early Access keys coming in September.

Inbetween Games All Walls Must Fall All Walls Must Fall

AltChar doesn't like being sneaky, so we are letting you know here and now that we backed the project with the intent of giving you a look behind the scenes, while at the same time helping out with what looks to be a promising game in the making. In case you ever wondered what backers actually get for supporting a game on Kickstarter, and how the entire process plays out over the course of development, but were too cautious with your hard earned cash to risk funding a project yourself - AltChar has you covered.

We will be getting in touch with Inbetween Games soon, because it wouldn't be fair to leave them out of the loop, and report our findings to you, the most discerning of online game news outlet readers, as soon as we make sure they are on board with our investigative endeavours.

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