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Infinity Ward claim no loot boxes in Modern Warfare, fans unconvinced

Published: 12:53, 14 October 2019
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare promo image featuring Captain Price
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Infinity Ward came out saying that no loot boxes or supply drops, as they are known in Call of Duty games, are in the works at the moment but fans are not buying any of it, remaining wary of previous practices Activision put them through.

Activision and Infinity Ward are attempting to dissuade fans from attaching terms with negative connotations to Call of Duty Modern Warfare. For example, they are desperately trying to convince players that supply drops will not be a thing in Modern Warfare but it appears CoD fans have been burnt one too many times to take these statements at face value.

An official Infinity Ward on Reddit says that incorrect info is being pushed and that the developers are not working on any kind of supply drop or other loot box system. There is the suspicious "right now" preceding that claim, however, and fans have immediately taken notice. 

Furthermore, there is overwhelming evidence and past actions from Activision through various studios that made the fans jaded about the whole situations. Here are a few somewhat recent highlights:

  • Activision didn't implement monetisation in Black Ops 4
  • There are already confirming both supply drops and loot rarity have been developed to an unknown extent in Modern Warfare
  • Prior to release, David Vonderhaar stated all Black Ops 4 characters would be unlocked through missions or quests but this in the future

Activision Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Captain Price Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Captain Price

The third point is probably the most important one in this situation as this could literally be the same problem in the making. A prominent figure states something that fans don't like won't appear in the game but then it happens and the excuse is that "things change".

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