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Infamous domain updated ahead of the rumoured PlayStation Showcase reveal

Published: 09:12, 06 September 2021
Sucker Punch
Is Infamous making a comeback?
Is Infamous making a comeback? domain has been updated recently, which, interestingly, coincides with the latest rumours that Infamous could be present at the upcoming PlayStation Showcase.

The Infamous franchise has been on hold since 2014, as the developer Sucker Punch Productions worked on a brand new IP - Ghost of Tsushima. However, it's possible that the time has come for the action-adventure to come back in some form, according to the rumours.

Insider Shpeshal_Nick reveals that we could see Infamous make a return at Sony's upcoming PlayStation Showcase. However, he made it clear that this should be taken with a big grain of salt since he could not confirm the rumour.

Recently, some players also noticed that the official domain of Infamous has been updated at the end of June , which could mean Sony are indeed preparing something for the coming showcase. However, since this has only surfaced now, we suggest you don't take it too seriously. 

Infamous: Second Son screenshot Infamous: Second Son screenshot Infamous: Second Son

It's probably just a simple domain renewal and has nothing to do with the rumoured new Infamous game announcement. 

Luckily, the PlayStation Showcase is scheduled for September 9, 2021, so we won't have to wait weeks and months to see if this rumour is legit. Until the show, we once again suggest you don't take this as gospel, especially since the rumour is not coming from multiple reliable sources.

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